Cargo Learning Academy

Courses designed

with perfection in mind

Our primary means of providing training is what we like to call “Onsite Training”

Onsite training can occur in one of two ways:

Firstly, we provide training at our venue. Students can either book a seat in advance or make use of our walk-in services on the day of the course. Please note that each course has a maximum capacity and students who have booked in advance will have priority over walk-in students. Rest assured that should a class be full; our friendly administration staff will help you book a seat for the first upcoming class or whenever is most convenient for you. As this training takes place in our venue, no traveling costs will thus be charged.

The second option is where one of our professional trainers will travel to meet you at your venue of choice. This will save you traveling costs, especially if you plan on having many students trained at once and you wish to cut down on their collective traveling costs. Please note that this means that the entirety of the costs incurred by our trainer during the course will be included into the final cost of the training. This additional price will be negotiated and finalized before the training starts. Once the training is scheduled, it is you or your organization's responsibility to ensure that all students booked for the course attends the training as the price finalized during negotiations will be charged, irrelevant of the attendance of the students.

Feel free to give us a call to find out more on how we can deliver the best training to you or your staff.